Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Statues on the "Solidarity Drive"

Karel Havlicek [left] ... and ... Thaddeus Kosciuzsko [right]

Nicolaus Copernicus

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Shot in Jan, 2006.

Statues on the Solidarity Drive — the roadway leading to the Adler Planetarium:
• Thaddeus Kosciuzsko Memorial [by Kasimir Chodsinski - 1904]
A monument remembering the Revolutionary War general and military engineer of Polish descent.
• Karel Havlicek [by Joseph Strachovsky - 1911]
Statue honors the Bohemian writer [Czech republic] , statesman, and martyr.
• Nicolaus Copernicus [ by Bertel Thorvaldsen - 1973]
A tribute to the Polish scientist who suggested that the earth revolves around the sun.

SOLIDARITY DRIVE The road leading to the Adler Planetarium has been renamed "Solidarity Drive" in commemoration of Lech Walesa's ultimately successful movement to bring freedom to Poland named "Solidarity Movement". This road is lined with statues of Poles such as Thadeusz Kosciuszko and Nikolai Kopernick[Copernicus].

*Chicago has the largest Polish population outside of Warsaw ...
And many times in history; Chicago's Polish polulation has outnumbered Polish population in Warsaw.

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